System Administration (BWS01)

Course validity: 365 days
Price is quoted in US Dollars

Suggested training time: 3 hours (including practice time)
You will require access to your organisation's training database to complete this course.

Learn about changing default lookups, using parameters as well as server reports and processes in this course.

Some highlights of the course include:

Changing system browsers and value lookups
Managing Desktop browsers for users
Managing Report ordering
Troubleshooting by accessing log files

This course contains narrated videos. Please ensure that your sound is turned on.
You can stop the video at any time, to make sure you understand. You can refer back to the video at any time.

  • Introduction to System Administration
  • Technical introduction for System Administrators
  • System Setup
  • System browser templates
  • Time to practice
  • Managing Global and Private Browsers
  • Time to practice
  • Report variants
  • Time to practice
  • Ordering reports
  • Time to practice
  • Delete and archive routines
  • Amendment logging
  • Time to practice
  • System Admin Information Card
  • User Defined Reports Quick Reference
  • Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed